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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage – A classic and gentle massage using flowing strokes to increase circulation and promote relaxation. 30 min $35, 60 min $55, 90 min $80

Combo Massage– A combination of various techniques including Swedish and deep tissue. It is specifically designed for you. 30 min $35, 60 min $55, 90 min $80

Deep Tissue– Firm, deep pressure is applied to the muscled to eliminate knots and stress. 30 min $35, 60 min $55, 90 min $80

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Sports Massage – A massage created to improve range of motion and balance muscles after workouts or sports events. Stretching, joint movements, and trigger point therapy are combined in this deeper massage to reduce the chance of injury and enhance performance. 30 min $35, 60 min $55, 90 min $80

Pregnancy Massage – This side-lying massage focuses on the needs of a woman’s body during pregnancy. Relax and feel relief from aching muscles, while your pain and discomfort is alleviated. Physician’s written release is required if you are in the first trimester. 30 min $35, 60 min $55, 90 min $80


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